About Us

Minnesota’s forests are a valuable asset. Trees grow on almost 17 million acres of land in the state, and private non-industrial landowners manage nearly 43% of this important resource.

Forest products account for a significant part of the state’s economy. Forests also offer countless hours of pleasure for various recreational pursuits, as well as, providing food and shelter for a diverse population of fish and wildlife.

The growing demands for forest products and recreational opportunities place increasing pressures on the forest ecosystem. However, with careful management, our forests can meet these increasing demands, now and into the future.

MFA serves Minnesota’s woodland owners by promoting stewardship of all forest resources. MFA is Minnesota’s oldest conservation organization, founded in 1876 to promote wise stewardship of forest lands. We believe that by working together, we can manage our forests to meet present and future demands for wood products while maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing and ecologically-healthy forest environment. Become a member today!